RAW SOUTH INDIAN HAIR Extensions began with the seemingly simple purpose of making ladies like you look as stunning and confident on the outside as they are on the inside.

Since then, our brand and product line have grown in leaps and bounds to become a thriving online hair extension store with a global following.

We've put our hearts and souls into what we do.

This isn't just a business to us. It's our way of making a difference in the lives of women all over the world. We understand that some of our customers are looking for high-quality hair bundles owing to hair loss caused by sickness or chemotherapy.

What keeps us going is being able to give them the confidence they need to step out in style. We love seeing our clients' faces light up when they discover they are truly valuable.

Best quality hair

If you want assurance that never sacrifices on quality, work with our online hair extension business. You'll be turning heads while keeping your head held high when you wear our raw virgin Indian hair extensions!

Hair care

When it comes to care for your raw Indian hair, use the same guidelines as you would for your natural hair. Brush your hair on a regular basis. Use a decent shampoo and conditioner on your raw hair extensions, especially if you use a lot of hair style products. These products might leave a residue or deposit on your hair, which can impair its quality. You will have smooth, sleek, and tangle-free attractive hair for a long time if you maintain and care for your raw Indian hair extensions like your natural hair. You'll be able to style it whatever you like and reuse it as often as you'd like.

About Raw South Indian Hair



Human hair extensions aren't as simple to find as they appear. Hair extensions, unlike other products such as hair clips, hair bands, and so on, which may be purchased solely on the basis of appearance, have more subtleties. Human hair comes in a variety of colors and textures, which can be confusing. Raw Indian hair extensions, on the other hand, are ideal for those looking for high-quality, long-lasting hair.

When you get human hair extensions, the goal is for them to blend in with your natural hair in such a way that no one can tell they aren't your genuine hair.

Raw human hair extensions might assist you in achieving this goal. Raw human hair is fully natural and combines well with your hair because it is sourced directly from the donor's head. While your immediate relatives may be aware that you have used extensions to lengthen and volumes your hair, others may be unaware. Have you ever seen a girl with blatantly evident hair extensions? That's because there's a significant contrast between her natural hair and her extensions.

The cause for this could be that the extensions don't integrate well, are a little stringy, or the color is off. As a result, you'll get worse than favorable attention (which is the ultimate aim you bought the extensions in the first place).

Our Products

Raw weft south Indian hair extensions

Raw weft south Indian hair extensions

To address the elephant in the room, we all want to know if we can save money on extensions and if they're worth the investment. Raw human hair weft extensions, also known as remy hair, are manufactured from real human hair. It's also ensured that the weave is wefted in such a way that it fits comfortably on your head. We ensure that the extension does not feel like a weight on your head by providing adjustable hooks and a variety of wire sizes. We put in a lot of effort to make sure your extensions are in perfect shape.

They are 100 percent natural and provide outstanding results when purchased from reputable suppliers such as raw south Indian hair. All of our raw human hair extensions are sourced directly from Indian temples and are:

  •   They are long lasting.
  •   They are natural.
  •   They enhance your looks.

Raw bulk south Indian hair extensions

Indian hair is of exceptional quality and is highly prized in the beauty business. The bulk hair for Raw Indian hair extensions from raw south Indian hair comes from temples in India, where it is donated as part of a religious right.

These donors voluntarily donate their hair in honor of the reigning deity. The bulk hair is then sold to companies who make hair extensions. Raw Indian hair extensions are light, airy, and full of bounce, and they're easy to style. If you prefer your hair to be naturally wavy, this is the extension type for you.

The fact that Indian hair does not tangle, shed, or lose its naturally wavy appearance is one of the main reasons for its popularity.

Raw bulk south Indian hair extensions
Raw natural grey south Indian hair extensions

raw natural grey south Indian hair extensions

Raw natural grey Indian hair extension is smooth by nature, has a high gloss, and is both versatile and lustrous. It goes with practically every hair type. It comes in a variety of textures, including wavy, straight, and curly, and is not chemically treated. The variety of grey Indian hair textures and the naturally grey make it a great fit for the hair weave industry.

raw dye south Indian hair extensions

It is usually essential to visit a professional beautician before purchasing and wearing a dye hair wig to ensure that you look stunning. Contrast-colored wigs are popular among women for special occasions, but they are not suitable for everyday use. After wearing the wig, one might consider bleaching the hair once more. We can provide you with any color of raw dye south Indian hair extensions upon request.

raw blonde south Indian hair extensions

We at raw south Indian hair provide with best raw blonde hair extensions. The hair are bleached upon request and supplied to customers in the best condition.

raw south Indian lace frontals

Lace frontal wigs are weave components that can sit on the same pedestal as a wig with lace underlay that covers your hairline. These lace frontal wigs are the greatest option for completing the perfect wig look because they are natural-looking and effortlessly blend in with your natural hair.

raw south Indian lace closures

Lace closures are wigs that are placed over weaves to shut them off. Lace closure wigs come in a variety of sizes, including 4X4 and greater sizes. The size refers to the lace underlay that is applied to the lace closure wigs' underside.

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